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23 November 2013

Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything

Today over on Reddit, starting at 11am pacific, I will be answering questions posed by Reddit users about The Brick Bible, my new Assassination! book, or whatever folks feel like querying me about! (Username: brendanpowellsmith) Come on over and get to know your favorite author / illustrator a little better.

Don't know what to ask? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • "Why are you so awesome??"
  • "How does it feel to be the best in the world at what you do?"
  • "How do you manage to stay so humble?"
  • "I want to give you lots and lots of money, where should I send it?"
  • "Is there a Mrs. Brendan Powell Smith?"

22 November 2013

That Fateful Day in Dallas

On the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination, take a moment to remember the events of that fateful day in Dallas with this series of images excerpted from the new book Assassination! The Brick Chronicle of Attempts on the Lives of Twelve US Presidents.

Find out more about the fascinating events leading up to that day, and learn about how Kennedy survived a previous attempt on his life in 1960 by a 73-year-old man in my new book Assassination!

4 November 2013

Assassination! an "Amazing accomplishment"

Renowned LEGO blog The Brothers Brick has written up a review of my latest book Assassination! The Brick Chronicle of Attempts on the Lives of Twelve US Presidents.

Also! You are cordially invited to the book release party for Assassination! this Friday, November 8, at 5:30pm at Showplace Caffe at 715 Brannan St in San Francisco. If you happen to be in the area, do stop by to share a celebratory drink, and get your copy of Assassination! autographed in person. I'll also have plenty of copies of the brand new The Brick Bible: The Complete Set hardcover box set on hand. Fun times for all.

If you can't make it to the party, don't fret too much. You can crack open a can of your favorite beverage anywhere and still get an autographed copy of Assassination! the old fashioned way: by ordering it via the internet from

15 October 2013

New! The Brick Bible: The Complete Set

Announcement! Hardcover versions of The Brick Bible: The Old Testament and The Brick Bible: The New Testament have been collected in one beautiful box set which includes a bonus 2-sided poster! My publisher has really outdone themselves with this one, especially with it coming in at a retail price of only $29.95!

If you'd like to order a set with both books autographed by the author, head on over to The Brick Bible shop. Or check your local booksellers, Costco, Barnes & Noble, and!

8 August 2013

Official announcement: Assassination!

LEGO fans, behold!

Assassination! The Brick Chronicle of Attempts on the Lives of Twelve US Presidents will be released on November 1. Pre-orders are now being taken by Barnes & Noble and Here's more info:

Creator of the bestselling The Brick Bible book series, author Brendan Powell Smith turns his acclaimed storytelling and illustrative talents to bring to life some of the most shocking, pivotal, and bizarre moments in the history of the United States.

From John Wilkes Booth's diabolical plot to kill the President, Vice-President, and Secretary of State in a single night to John Hinckley's deranged bid to impress actress Jodie Foster by shooting Ronald Reagan, Smith brings an eye for meticulous detail and a sense of both gravitas and whimsy toward his subject matter, retelling the fascinating and often tragic stories behind attempts on the lives of a dozen US presidents.

Relive the events leading up to John F. Kennedy's fatal ride through Dealey Plaza in Dallas including an earlier attempt on the president's life when a 73-year-old man strapped dynamite to his own body and followed Kennedy to church. Rediscover the stories of how Gerald Ford survived two assassination attempts by women just seventeen days apart. And how a failed businessman hijacked a plane and planned to crash it into the White House to take vengeance on Richard Nixon for the Watergate scandal.

With over four hundred highly detailed illustrations (including recreations of many famous photographs and historical scenes), Smith has created a book that will captivate even those who wouldn't normally think to pick up a history book. It's a new Brick Chronicle of our collective past.

It's history made fun!

6 August 2013

Two new books coming this fall!

I am pleased to announce that the next book in The Brick Bible for Kids series is set for release on September 1! The classic story of David and Goliath has been entirely re-illustrated for this fun and adorable children's picture book featuring big, bold images and retold in language simplified for young readers and true to the Bible's account. Pre-orders are available now through Barnes & Noble and

It is also very exciting to officially reveal the title of my all-new and first ever non-Bible-based illustrated book:

More details to come soon! If you're lucky enough to be attending the Bricks By the Bay LEGO convention in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend, I'll be giving a sneak preview of Assassination! with chapter readings, highlights, and a Q&A session at 5pm on Friday, Room 206. If you're not a convention attendee, you can still come and see a whole lot of amazing LEGO builds on the Public Exposition Day on Sunday. I'll be at a booth signing books, so stop by and say hi!

A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

2 April 2013

Die Bibel auf die Ihr gewartet habt!

Celebrate! The Brick Bible: The Old Testament has been transaletd into German by publisher Bastei Lübbe, and is available now! Head over to to order your copy today. Here's a sample page to get you excited:

Ihre Katzen werden es lieben!

28 October 2012

New picture book for kids released today!

Look what just arrived! The newest installment in The Brick Bible for Kids series is now shipping from Barnes & Noble and Amazon! And you can get an autographed copy directly from the artist at The Brick Bible shop!

The Christmas Story: The Brick Bible for Kids is a beautifully presented illustration of the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. It's all here: the visit of the angel Gabriel to Mary, the journey to Bethlehem, the birth in a manger, the visit of the shepherds and gifts of the magi, the madness of King Herod, the flight to Egypt and safe return to Nazareth. It's the perfect way to introduce young readers this cherished Bible story, and get the whole family in the Christmas spirit.

For longtimes fans, please note, this new Christmas book is 100% newly illustrated to take full advantage of the big 9-inch by 9-inch picture book format, and is wholly different than previous illustrations of the Christmas story found in previous books or on the Brick Testament website!

10 October 2012

Slideshow from new book on Huffington Post

Today The Huffington Post is featuring a slideshow of images from the new book, The Brick Bible: The New Testament. It is accompanied by a short introduction written by guest columnist and author/illustrator of the new book, Brendan Powell Smith.

If you're a Brick Bible fan, be sure to "like" the article and share it with others to help get the word out about the new book!

9 October 2012

Interview with TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine has just published an interview with me about the newly-released book The Brick Bible: The New Testament on their website. In it I discuss my motivation for illustrating the entire Bible in LEGO bricks, my dissatisfaction with other illustrated Bibles, how my approach is different, the creative challenges I've faced, and the various reactions my work has received.

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